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K9 Nose Work

Nose Work Classes

K9 Nose work was influenced from professional detection dog training after the benefits were seen in shelter dogs. K9 Nose work is fun and safe for almost all dogs. K9 Nose work was developed in 2006 with the goal that all dogs given the opportunity can excel in the game while being unique to themselves.
Dogs of all ages, size and breeds can participate in nose work. Nervous, anxious, reactive, and fearful dogs can participate as there is no pressure from other dogs or people. Dogs don’t need to be good at obedience or any other sport, prior experience to scenting isn’t necessary. There are no prerequisites if they have a nose, sniffing can be done, and the journey can begin.
The benefits of K9 Nose Work are abundant, promotes calmness and improves focus. It provides an outlet for energy, great for rescue dogs and it is proven to improve the bond between dog and handler.
In K9 Nose work the methodology is to encourage dogs to get excited about sniffing for food or their favourite toy in cardboard boxes to start with, then expanding to exteriors, interiors, containers, and vehicles. Once the dogs drive for sniffing is high, we can then introduce odours.
You will work alongside your dog building your canine body language observation skills while supporting them and creating a strong bond built on trust and communication.
We offer a variety of classes, each build on the previous one. Introducing more mental challenges and problem-solving skills, whilst building your dogs confidence, focus and independence

Rescue Puppy


This course is ideal for anyone looking to broaden their animal training skills and knowledge. At Boarding, instructor Jon Doe will teach you the finer points of animal behavior modification, provide theoretical and practical experience with different training plans, and help you build the best possible relationship with your pet.

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