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Zoe - Founder & Principal Trainer

My passion for animals started very young where I saved my money to purchase my first bird, a galah I named 'Swing'.  I got my first horse at age 9 and competed and trained in pony club for many years. My real love was dogs and birds. I got my first own dog at 18 where the real learning began.

I have been working with animals for the last 26 years as a Veterinary Nurse and as a dog trainer for the last 12 years. I am a qualified dog trainer through the 'Karen Pryor Academy'.

I am committed to providing science based positive reinforcement training to our clients to ensure a wonderful relationship is achieved with them and their dogs. 

I am devoted to continuing my education through attending seminars, conferences, webinars and courses. To ensure that my clients get the most up to date information.

In my spare time you will find me surrounded by my three amazing dogs and my blue and gold macaw.

"Changing behaviour is not something you do casually because that behaviour has value to the animal, or it wouldn't be doing it."

Dr. Susan Friedman

Dog Walker

Treat Me Calm Dog Training 

Helping You, Help Your Dog
Using Scientifically Proven Training Techniques
Build a trusting, understanding relationship

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