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Puppy Training

Puppy 8-14 weeks

Senior Puppy 14 weeks - 10 months

Build a solid foundation early

When we welcome a puppy into our lives it can sometimes be overwhelming. We are here to help you enjoy your puppy with lots of handy hints to ensure you and your puppy have fun!

Our popular puppy classes use positive reinforcement training to help you create a solid relationship with your puppy. 

We aim to help you create a calm confident resilient puppy. You will learn about canine body language and how your puppy communicates, learns, and most importantly feels.

We will cover the key elements that puppy parents face – toilet training, biting, mouthing, and jumping.

Our classes cover socialisation and basic training- sit, look, handling, beginnings of mat training, introduction to new novel things.

Classes are run from several locations-

  • Runcorn- Monty & Minx on Compton Road Vet 

  • Windaroo- Windaroo Veterinary Surgery 

  • Manly West – Manly Road Veterinary Hospital

Investment- $250 – 4 weeks, small classes, comprehensive puppy manual, experienced qualified trainer, support, Adaptil collar, lickimat and so much more 

Puppy Training: Services
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